Pylontech US3000C lithium battery 3.5kWh 48V

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This battery has a standard size of 19" that makes it possible to install it in a rack with 4 or 6 units, making the installation and location of the system easier.

Below are some of the most important competitive advantages of LiFePO4 batteries against traditional lead-acid batteries.

  • Higher energy density. In the same space you have more accumulated energy.
  • NO MAINTENANCE. There is no maintenance, ever!
  • Less weight. 1/5th the weight of the lead equivalent.
  • 10 years product warranty versus 2 years from any lead acid manufacturer. You get the 10 years of warranty when you register the product on the manufacturer's website which gives 3 years more, compared to the 7 years that gives the start (7 + 3 = 10 years).
  • Depth of discharge. We can reach up to 100% without problems for the autonomy of the system. Lead acid manufacturers recommend not to exceed 50%.
  • Useful life. More than 6,000 cycles compared to the 2,500 of the best lead-acid batteries.
  • Quick charge. Possibility of charging the batteries in 2 hours, as opposed to the 8 hours that lead-acid batteries take.

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