VictronConnect v5.28, v5.29 and v5.30

Victron Connect

These releases have an important update for the non-isolated Smart Orion chargers. Also it has various welcome new features, including a new settings that will keep the screen of the phone or tablet on while having the VictronConnect app open.

The included VE.Bus firmware versions have been updated to 475. Note that, meanwhile, version 476 has been released, adding Northern Ireland to the approved grid codes. Which will be included in the next VictronConnect version.




Smart Chargers:

  • Improve re-bulk voltage offset setting
  • Add “Why is the charger off?” functionality
  • Add low temperature cut-off settings
  • Add IMPULSE-II Smart IP65 firmware v3.17

Orion Smart:

  • Add firmware v1.05:
    • Add engine shutdown detection delay settings

v5.30 (Released officially)



  • Fix firmware updates loop on iOS & macOS when updating products based on .xup firmware

v5.29 (Released officially)



  • Fix BlueSolar VE.Can MPPT firmware update via VE.Direct Smart Dongle

v5.28 (Released officially)



  • Add the date to history CSV exports
  • Add a setting to keep screen on while using VictronConnect
  • Improve Bluetooth connection
  • Allow commas and dots as decimal separator. This is useful on phones/computers with non-matching locale and keyboard layout configuration.
  • Fix default battery monitor values when creating a new battery preset
  • Unified MQTT and VRM error codes
  • Added acknowledgment checkbox on the disable Bluetooth dialog.
  • Fix duplicated disable Bluetooth switch/button
  • Keep the connecting blur until all the live values are fetched.
  • Show battery monitor settings in battery presets only if supported by the product
  • Improve error message shown when opening a settings file created with an older VictronConnect version.

Solar Chargers:

  • Update “Fixed absorption” description text

VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers:

  • Add firmware v475
  • Fix when updating the dongle firmware, a wrong warning that corresponds to Multi/Quattro firmware update is displayed.
  • Fix VE.Bus product is not recognized after a firmware update requiring to press the scan button.

Orion Smart:

  • Add firmware update v1.04 for Non-Isolated models (mandatory update):
    • Fix a bug regarding the temperature compensation of the output voltage.

Smart Chargers:

  • Collapse status widget when scrolling
  • Add support for future Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger revision 2 models
  • Fix “User defined” is shown when selecting Lithium preset from VictronConnect presets library
  • Fix vertical scroll bar in live data page is not shown on desktops and tablets when in landscape mode

Lynx BMS:

  • Add Lynx Ion BMS support

Battery monitor:

  • Fix remaining time shows NaN when soc is lower than the discharge floor setting value

v5.27 (Released officially)



  • Improve the warning and information messages in the firmware update page
  • Improve troubleshooting information
  • Show default PIN code to the connection progress pop-up
  • Advice to check the notifications bar when the pairing request doesn't appear on Android
  • Only advice to remove the product from the Bluetooth paired devices list when that could be the issue.
  • Disconnect every Bluetooth product before starting a new scan. This prevents the state where a product could remain connected after an interrupted firmware update.
  • Increase the number of lines logged into the service report.


  • Add firmware v1.19 update (mandatory)
    • Fix issue with 12V batteries where cell 2 and cell 3 had a lower voltage when the battery was not charged for some time. (12V battery model only)
    • Fine-tuned balancer behaviour


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