APsystems introduces a small modification in its warranty conditions.

From next May 1st, 2021, APsystems introduces a small modification in its warranty conditions.

As a summary, in order to have the 10 years or 20 years warranty, the microinverter must be connected to the internet and have an account in our EMA intelligent monitoring platform.
In case the micro inverter is not connected to the EMA platform, the standard warranty is 2 years.

APsystems makes every effort to provide the best possible technical support and service to its customers and end users.

One of the ways to achieve this is by upgrading APsystems' micro inverters with the latest and most optimized firmware to ensure that the micro inverters offer the best value at all times. This remote update to ensure the best continuous performance of our microinverters is only possible when the systems are connected to an ECU (Energy Communication Unit) linked to our EMA (Energy Monitoring and Analysis) web portal.

This remote access and constant optimization of our microinverters allows us to:
first and foremost, meet regulatory requirements: changes in compliance requirements (IEEE 2030.5, UL or California Rule 21), indeed, the mandate for utility grid operators to be able to monitor PV systems installed on their grid.

Considering the highly dynamic nature of this landscape in terms of utility requirements, the best way to stay one step ahead is to always stay connected.
Ensure best-in-class performance: both the installer and end-user experience is significantly improved with a connected system.

Installers and end users can know precisely how much energy a system is producing. Installers are alerted in the event of anomalous behavior (accurately low production or loss of communication), allowing them to be proactive in resolving problems when they occur.

Operation and Maintenance systems are significantly improved with a connected system. All problems can be analyzed and a vast majority of them can be resolved remotely, which significantly streamlines the technical support process, saving time and money for both installers and end users.

Thus, the system data connection is essential for APsystems to fully support product warranty and service offerings.

As such, their "Standard Limited Warranty" and "Extension" will be modified in this regard, effective May 1, 2021. As of this date, all microinverters purchased from APsystems will be eligible for APsystems' Limited Warranty ("Limited Warranty") only if they are continuously connected to the Internet via an ECU (Energy Communication Unit). Professional or private installers will have up to 45 days after the "PTO" (Performance Authorization) to connect the ECUs to the Internet and register them on the EMA portal.

In order to facilitate the connectivity of small PV systems while keeping overall equipment costs at a low level, APsystems launches a new ECU version: the ECU-B (Basic) which will allow monitoring systems with up to 4 PV modules. The other features of the ECU-R are still available.

Microinverters purchased from APsystems after May 1, 2021 and not connected to the Internet via an ECU will receive a 2-year Legal Warranty, starting from the date of original purchase of APsystems products.

They are confident that this positive change in their portfolio management will allow them to be more flexible in responding to the ever-changing utility needs and provide the best possible service to APSystems customers.